Thursday, 4 April 2013

Properties of Electric Charge

(i) There are two kinds of charge. As a matter of convention, charge of a proton is taken as positive and that of an electron is taken as negative.

(ii) Like charges repel each other, while unlike charges attract each other.

(iii) Charge is quantized. Charge on any object is integral multiple of electronic charge. i.e.; q = ± ne, where n = 1, 2 ......., e = 1.6 x 10-19 coulomb (SI unit of change is coulomb).

(iv) Charge is conserved. In all types of phenomena, for an isolated system, total charge is conserved.
Units :SI unit of charge is coulomb (C)

There are other units of charge.
  1. Electromagnetic unit (emu) : 1 emu =10 C
  2. Electro static unit (esu) : 1 esu =  x 10-9 C or, 1 C = 3 x 109 esu

    The electrostatic unit of charge is also called stat coulomb or Frankline (Fr).

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